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Why should we connect to Spirituality


Why should we connect to Spirituality: An Interview with the Buddhist practioner

Spirituality is something that can not be defined in few words. It has different meaning for every person. It does not have same meaning for every other person. For some, it’s about a belief in God and praying according to their religion. For others, it can be through their personal beliefs and comforts. Some likes spending time in nature, helping others or do some private prayer, yoga, or meditation or it could be a walk with the nature or spending time  with yourself . It can be anything that makes you peaceful and give happiness.

Spirituality is connecting yourself with the divine power. When life pulls you back ,these universal powers help you gain back to life. Today I would like to connect you with my mentor who is the Buddhism follower and helped so many people gain the true happiness in life.

I have interviewed him and would like to share the conversation with you all:

Let’s begin

Me : How did you start your way of life to a spiritual path?

Mentor :  Spirituality is something that starts initially with yourself. If you are not spiritual to your beliefs, you cannot help anyone. When life gives you lemons ,its upto you what you want to make out of it, a pickle or a lemonade. Similarly, life had given me lemons and I was not able to understand what to do with those lemons. I was depressed, alone and away from the world. I was out of the world in search of my true self, what actually I want from myself and what my life wants me to take away. This was when my spiritual journey began..in search of myself.

Me: So what you have started with? 

Mentor: It was not actually like that I started with. Some things never come to your way, but you need to go to get it . As a unknown person about my life, I was unaware what I need to do. I was like helpless. It was not at all easy to cope up with the situations you encounter. I was not at all getting peace in anything and life was full of complains. People around me were like enemies to me, like everyone spoiling me. And I was crying for my life, depressed & helpless. This is when you need that another power to support you and hold you. And actually it could be any universal power like beliefs in God, supernatural powers, any person or you yourself .

Me : I am keen to listen how did you connect with your power?

Mentor : It is when you bow down to your situations ,that power will uphold you and give you direction. Each one of us connect to that divine powers only when we don’t have any other door to knock. Remembering our Gods, our parents only when we don’t left with the solutions. Same happened to me ,bowing down to my situation, I begged to get the wisdom. And I actually helped with the divine powers in the form of my friend.

ME :How do you came to know that your friend is your divine power?

Mentor : No, I actually don’t know that person had came to my life to connect me with the divine power. Everything was an illusion, I could not see anything.  When they have told me about the Buddhist Gods, the power within you ,I was not at all had a belief in them. But my friend had taken me along on the journey of Spirituality.

Me: So when did you start believing  on spirituality ?

Mentor : It took time, lot of time and prayers of all my fellow members. Listening and reading to our leaders and mentors. It changed all my perceptions ,my beliefs and actually what I think about life was not at all true. What I learnt through my practice is you can give happiness to others only when you are happy and also you are happy only when you give happiness to others  ,so it is a vice versa. We have a connection with each one around us, the karmic bond, some good  and some bad. For good we never thought of ,for bad we always crib. Life is all about how you can be truly happy. Struggle yourself to be happy in any situation ,because winter always turn to spring no matter what, and the situation would also change.

Me: How did you practice Spirituality?

Mentor : For me Spirituality is connection with the divine powers through meditation and chanting NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO, imbibing the Buddhist philosophy, practice gratitude and forgiveness, finding happiness in little things and helping others.

Me: Any key to Happiness you want to share?

Mentor: Haha..Key to happiness is that it is inside you ,you wont find happiness outside ,it is within you, go grab it.

Me: Thank you so much sir for answering my questions so patiently.

Mentor: Its nice connecting with you too.

That’s the wonderful conversation ,I must say that the happiness you find in others actually lies within you. You just need that hand to uphold you and that is all what spirituality is.

Hope you like this.



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