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what is happiness

What is happiness to you

We are heading forward day and night for all the luxuries of life related to name and fame, but does these actually gives you happiness. Have you thought about it anytime, that for the things you are struggling day and night did actually give you that inner happiness or you just running behind in the sake of it.

Each and every person in this entire world had some desires or the other. Someone wants to achieve something in life, someone wants to buy a new house, someone wants to buy a new car, or someone wants to get high salaried job. But what next after you get that. You might be happy for a certain time like say a day, week ,month or a year. But what next your happiness would fade away ones the time passes.

So does this happiness is a true happiness or just based on the materialistic things only. Once you achieve one, you would be heading for the another such materialistic thing and again your happiness would fade away in a due time.

So what should be the happiness to be, is it related to some materialistic things or it is inside you. Understanding the true meaning of happiness is very important because it helps you to understand your life better.

Happiness is not somewhere else but inside you. You are the creator of your happiness ,no other person can give you happiness or take it away. It depends upon you how you take up your daily routines ,your desires or your struggles. This is your responsibility to not to waste this precious existence ,that we must not live in a such way that we are left with eternal regret.

The only way to lead the happy life is to make the most of each day. Today will never come again, so each day must be treasured in such a way, lived mindfully and with complete commitment that you add value to your existence as a well being. No matter how fun-filled or entertaining your life may seem, without a sense of fulfillment ,it cannot truly be called happy.

Understanding and finding the happiness in little things ,paying gratitude for the things you already hold. Measure and find the things that makes you happy, it could be spending time with your family and friends, your love for your work ,enjoying your hobbies ,helping others or just chilling with yourself. To make others happy you need to be happy yourself. So start working with your heart treasures and find the happiness within.

Its always good to start from that moment, enjoy the little things ,spend time with your friends and family ,enjoy the things you love to do, don’t think that I will get this or achieve this than I would be happy, to be happy is like a habit and it just need a practice and you won’t find it anywhere but inside you.

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