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I’m Neha Dogra.
I Help businesses to grow.

neha dogra

Life is a journey where you would find obstacles and challenges in every moment of time. There are high’s as well as low’s in your life where you can rejoice or need to get up again. 

So this is me, NEHA DOGRA who is trying to live the journey of life according to my expectations and desires.

Things would not be easier every time to handle with and that is your desire and inner resolution that take you to the success you desire, the aim in life for which you are looking forward.

I am an Entrepreneur running my ecommerce store www.indianauragifts.com,Software Engineer, Digital marketer and follower and practitioner of Nichiren Buddhism.

I am ambitious for my goals in life, Gregarious, Enthusiastic & Passionate about new things in life, Loves travelling new places & meeting with new people.



neha dogra

Embrace your dreams and advance as far as they can take you.


Connect to me for personal guidance about :

” Happiness is a personal journey.”

I help people try to be, well, happier. I offer help, advice, support, and someone to talk to. I helps you to see how to look at things going on around you from a positive point of view.

I can help you identify the true meaning of happiness and help you spot factors causing their mental blocks and help transform their lives.